8 Tips for a successful kitchen remodel

Tips for successful remodel

Create a plan and a schedule for your project.

  1. Create a plan.
  2. Do your research before picking your tradespeople, check recommendations, reviews. 
  3. Organise logistics, make sure kitchen cabinets, appliances arrive on time.
  4. Check the layout of the kitchen. 
  5. Check position of services – electrics, plumbing, extraction.  
  6. Ensure the safety of the area throughout the duration of the project.
  7. Protect the rest of the house. 
  8. Have a cup of tea. 



First, start with a plan. Having a structured schedule in place will help you throughout the project. 

 Download our Kitchen Remodel Project Plan Template. (send us a message to request a copy). 

Check the new layout of the kitchen if possible. Use masking tape, pencil, or cardboard to create the footprint of your new kitchen, this will help you visualise the layout and the size of the kitchen and it may also help you uncover potential installation issues before the project starts. Check the position of services – electrics, plumbing, extraction. Make sure that the feeds for your new appliances will be fitted in the correct positions, likewise, check for possible obstructions, make sure that the new kitchen layout will work with existing pipework, electrics, boiler, etc. 

Plan for deliveries of cabinets, appliances and worktops. Measure door openings to ensure it’s wide enough to come through with the largest items, such as tall larder units, corner cabinets, american fridge freezer. Think about where you are going to store it all before installation.

If you have access to the kitchen from the side/back then create a dust barrier/curtain to protect the rest of the house from dirt and dust. If other areas of the house will have to be used during renovation, protect the flooring, carpets with good quality floor protection.

Safety must always come first! When ripping out an old kitchen, you may come across gas pipes, old wiring. Arrange certified professionals to disconnect and test gas. Be careful with existing wiring, always ensure there are no exposed cables.

We hope that these tips will help you with your kitchen renovation project. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact our friendly team for more tips and advice. 


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