About Us

Our Story

  We began our journey as a team of kitchen installation specialists, transforming homes for families across Kent and beyond. We’re hands-on every step of the way, and seeing the process from drawings to completion is truly rewarding. It’s more than just cabinets and worktops, we know that kitchens are the heart of the home, where families cook, laugh, and make memories. That’s why every project we do matters – we’re not just installing kitchens, we’re helping build the soul of a home.

   Now, as a thriving kitchen design company, our growth hasn’t changed our core values. We’re still committed to staying close to our customers, ensuring every project receives our utmost care.

Meet the Founders

   Eli, the co-founder of Kraus Kitchens is a former kitchen fitter, his wealth of experience and extensive technical knowledge is the backbone of the company’s success. Rima’s previous career in teaching brings a culture of discipline and lifelong learning to the team.

Eli Kraujutis


   About me

   I always enjoyed woodworking. As a child, I used to spend time in my dad’s workshop, helping my dad with various joinery tasks, and first learning about designing and building pieces of furniture. After leaving school I studied languages at the university, however, instead of going into education or becoming a translator, I chose the path where my heart was – crafting and fitting furniture.

What I love about my job

   Since founding Kraus Kitchens my role includes many aspects of managing the company, making sure everything runs smoothly, but I still enjoy spending time on site during installation and seeing the whole transformation take place. My favourite part of the job are the final stages of kitchen fitting, and handing it over to our clients..

My dream kitchen
   I like both contemporary and traditional kitchen designs, but if I had to choose one, it would be an in-frame kitchen with solid hardwood cabinet doors, dovetail oak drawers and natural granite surfaces. I love the natural beauty of solid wood doors, the 5 piece shaker are durable and work well in most properties. My dream kitchen would have an island with a breakfast bar which is great for having breakfast or entertaining friends. And as a cherry on the cake, I would have an illuminated coffee/drinks cabinet with an antique mirror splashback.

Rima Kraujutis


About me

  Ever since I was young, I’ve had a thirst for knowledge and a passion for reading. This love for learning led me to become a teacher and earn a Master’s in Literature. However, life took unexpected turns, bringing me to the United Kingdom, where I embarked on a journey of new languages, cultures, and motherhood.

   As a co-founder of Kraus Kitchens, I found my true calling. Designing kitchens is a constant learning journey for me. I enjoy exploring new products, finishes, and their combinations. I travel to exhibitions in the UK, Germany, and Italy to bring fresh ideas to life. Each project is personal to me; it’s not just about drawings but about fulfilling someone’s dream. My goal is to make kitchens beautiful and practical, where families can enjoy time together. Witnessing these designs come to life brings immense joy and fulfilment.

Why Choose Kraus Kitchens?

   With countless kitchen companies out there, what makes us the choice for you? Our extensive experience installing various kitchen brands gives us unique insights into the industry. We keep a close eye on competitors, ensuring we offer the best value. Our modular kitchens, not only affordable, come with local customer service and expert installation. We’re particular about materials, avoiding those known to cause issues like certain vinyl-wrapped MDF doors and square-edge laminate worktops susceptible to water ingress problems. Book a consultation today to learn more about what makes a good kitchen.

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Sustainable Growth

   We have always relied on organic growth through positive referrals and customer satisfaction rather than aggressive sales tactics. Our goal is to provide genuine and honest advice to our clients and give them ample time to make informed decisions. We prioritise sustainability by using high-quality components that have a durability rating of 20+ years. By doing so, we reduce the amount of waste generated and contribute to a cleaner environment. We are committed to promoting ethical and sustainable practices in everything we do, and we believe that our customers appreciate and value our approach.

One-of-a-kind Kitchens

   Our access to the whole market of materials and finishes allows us to create kitchen designs that are uniquely tailored to you. Discover door styles and colours that you will not find in every other showroom. Browse products in different price categories, choose from an array of internal storage solutions and select the style that’s perfect for you.

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