Bespoke Modern Kitchen in London

A contemporary kitchen space with a touch of elegance and functionality.

Key Specifications:

  • Wood Door Finish: Walnut Veneer with a Clear Lacquer for a sleek, natural look.
  • Painted Cabinet Door Finish: Little Greene Rolling Fog Mid 159, providing a soft, sophisticated contrast.
  • Functional Design Elements:
    • Push-to-open mechanism for top cabinets, ensuring seamless accessibility.
    • Integrated lip handles on lower base units for a seamless aesthetic and easy grip.
  • Vented Extractor: Effortlessly eliminates cooking odors and maintains air quality.
  • Antique Finish Worktop: Adds a timeless charm and character to the kitchen space.
  • Desired Outcome: Deliver a stunning end result that balances modernity with classic appeal, meeting the client’s expectations for both style and functionality.

Project Focus:

Achieve a harmonious blend of modern design elements with traditional accents, ensuring that the kitchen not only meets the client’s aesthetic preferences but also enhances their daily living experience with practical features and seamless usability.


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Who We Are

   We are a family run kitchen design company. Our mission is to combine creativity and craftsmanship to transform peoples kitchens into functional spaces for cooking, entertaining and making memories.



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