What is a Bespoke Kitchen?

Refurbishing your kitchen is a huge undertaking, because of this you may consider a bespoke kitchen.  There’s so much to consider from colour schemes, to textures and then what appliances match. Kitchens can be difficult to change once finished so you’ll want to get it right the first time, a bespoke design means that everything you need is incorporated down to the smallest detail and the finished kitchen is completely unique to you. 

What do we mean by bespoke?

A truly bespoke kitchen is one that’s completely tailor made to what the client wants and is and will stay unique to that client. The term ‘bespoke’ is said to have come from the tailors of Savile Row. A client would ‘speak for’ a piece of fabric and then a tailor would be assigned to that customer to create clothing specifically measured for that client. This would usually take place over several fittings and would be made to the clients measurements. The end result would be something completely unique for the client.

At Kraus Kitchens, we involve you at every step of the process to ensure a kitchen that’s entirely bespoke to you and your needs. This all starts with an initial consultation with you to see what your style is and what you like and need. Then we create a design presentation based around the brief we create with you, this is the fun stage as you get to see what your future kitchen may look like! After the presentation, we do another consultation to make sure you’re 100% happy with the design and work on anything you think needs improving.

Benefits of a Bespoke Kitchen Design

There are so many benefits to bespoke kitchen designs that we could go on for hours! But for the sake of everyone’s sanity, we’re going to list our top three reasons why you should be considering a bespoke kitchen. 

  • More options – Perhaps an obvious statement, but it can often be looked over. By choosing to go with a bespoke designer, you’ll have far more options than with a made to measure retailer. 
  • Your kitchen will be designed with you in mind – You can take individual elements from kitchens you like and have your designer incorporate these. You don’t just get a brochure and told to pick one, the design choices are endless. This is great especially if you have special requirements like antique/vintage furniture, pets, young children, disabilities/special requirements etc.
  • One on one access to your designer – From your first consultation to project end, your designer will be with you every step of the way.

Bespoke kitchen design vs Made to measure

The key difference between made to measure and bespoke is that made to measure is a pre-existing design that is then fitted to your kitchen. Whereas bespoke is a personalised design made for your kitchen and your individual needs. When you purchase a made to measure kitchen, you’ll usually go to a large retailer and a salesperson will show you the designs they offer. You’ll select the one you like best and then it will be installed. The most bespoke aspect of this process is when the fitters measure your kitchen to make sure the cabinets and appliances fit. 

This is not to say that when designing a bespoke kitchen that you can’t use pre-existing ideas. When you come to us for your consultation, we’ll show you some designs in our showroom and catalogues but your designer will incorporate these into their design as opposed to essentially copy and pasting them onto your kitchen.

Why Choose Kraus Kitchens to design and fit your bespoke kitchen?

Your kitchen deserves the best Bespoke Kitchen fitter in Kent. 

At Kraus Kitchens, we have over 15 years experience in designing kitchens and have a 10/10 rating on CheckaTrade! We’ve helped so many people design their dream kitchens and can help guide you if you ever feel a bit lost. With so many choices for design it can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming so having one on one access to your designer can be really helpful. Your experienced designer will be able to suggest what would be best for your measurements and budget and tailor their design accordingly.

Bespoke kitchen designers, especially here at Kraus Kitchens, are usually smaller teams made up of designers and trades. Because of this, we can make sure that we’re working with the very best in  the industry! Everyone in the Kraus Kitchens team has extensive experience working with designing and installing bespoke kitchens and will work to make sure your vision comes to fruition. We can also make sure that the materials we use are the best for your budget. 

Ready to create your bespoke kitchen?

Free design with absolutely no obligation – we will work with you to find the perfect kitchen for your needs!

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