Solid Worktops Vs Laminate Worktops

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Deciding between solid wood worktops or their laminate counterparts can be a difficult decision. Generally speaking, laminate is drastically cheaper than a solid wood worktop but with the right care a solid wood worktop is likely to last much longer, so how do you choose? 

We have reviewed the pros and cons of both to give you a little help…

Solid Wood Worktops

Solid wood worktops are just that, made from solid wood, typically Oak, Walnut or Bamboo. They are completely natural and therefore bear the markings you would expect from natural wood. Another great pro for solid wood is its durability, say the worktop is accidentally damaged by a hot pan or scratch then you can simply sand down the area to remove the markings. If the same thing happened with a laminate surface you would need to replace the whole section.

Some of the downsides of solid wood are budget and maintenance, solid wood worktops will be more expensive than most laminate options and are restricted on colour. As for maintenance, you will need to invest some time in looking after a solid wood worktop, sanding and re-oiling is recommended twice a year to keep it in top condition.

Laminate Worktops

A big plus for laminate worktops is the style and colour options available to you. If you like the look of a solid wood worktop but don’t fancy the maintenance side then laminate can be a great alternative. You will also find imitation granite or stone surfaces and even funky colours to add a funky touch to your kitchen.

As mentioned before, if a laminate surface is damaged or scratched it can be costly to remove the whole section, you can find specialist companies that can do remedial work to patch a surface but again this is not cheap. That said a laminate work surface is usually much cheaper than solid wood.

So overall your decision between solid wood and laminate worktops will depend on a few things;

How much you would like to spend.

If you are prepared to do some maintenance

How long you would like your worktop to last.

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