Second Nature Kitchens Review

   Second Nature kitchens are showcased in over 250 showrooms across the UK providing a collection of modern and traditional designs, along with a variety of furniture components for you to choose from. But are they any good?
   Before you spend a small fortune on a SN kitchen, make sure you read our full review to find out what SN is, the styles they offer (including the quality of doors and panels), how much SN kitchens costs, and the all-important question.
Should you buy one?

What is Second Nature?

SN is a British brand owned by major kitchen and bedroom component supplier PWS. The SN Collection is a range of components that are used to create a stylish kitchen. Components include:

  • Cabinet Doors
  • Décor panels
  • Cornice
  • Storage solutions
  • Drawers and handles
  • Sinks and taps
  • Worktops

SN kitchens are made in small and medium size factories across the UK and are available through a network of independent retailers. So, your local kitchen design specialists will order the materials from PWS and craft a kitchen specifically for you.
That’s how each Second Nature kitchen is totally unique.

Kitchen Styles

Using SN components, you can create modern, traditional, and contemporary shaker door kitchens. The choices are truly amazing and there’s something for everyone.
Looking for popular styles and traditional shaker styles, like foil-wrap doors, solid wood, and high-density fibreboard (HDF)? No problem. You can even create bespoke kitchens with the in-frame Clarendon door range, for example. It’s available in standard sizes or made-to-measure, offering the flexibility to maximise space too.
Overall, the style options are varied and totally customisable.

Are Second Nature Kitchens Good Quality?

The short answer is yes, SN kitchens are of a high quality.
However, as each SN kitchen is designed and built by independent kitchen companies, every kitchen is different. The overall quality depends on the components used during construction. Keep in mind that kitchens that look similar can have different properties and wear patterns over time. For example, melamine faced doors tend to be more scratch-resistant compared to painted doors. Gloss lacquered doors are prone to showing fingerprints, while painted shaker doors may develop hairline cracks at the joints due to the natural movement of wood. However, wooden doors can be repainted over the years and are considered a timeless option.
To avoid disappointment, it’s important to learn more about durability and good cabinet construction. You can download our Complete Kitchen Refurbishment Guide to improve your knowledge on the subject and make an informed decision.

What Do Second Nature Kitchens Cost?

SN kitchen doors and panels are available in five price categories, ranging from foil-wrap doors at the lowest price to solid wood in-frame doors at the highest.
Although SN kitchen costs may be slightly more expensive than national retailers and trade only kitchens, they are built using high-quality components. Independent retailers build a reputation in creating bespoke designs, so the kitchen will offer better value over time too.
Still worried about Second Nature kitchens costs? Talk to your retailer, discuss your budget, and they’ll offer a suitable solution.
If you live in the South East, come and see one of our Second Nature kitchen specialists. We can help you discover how Second Nature compares to other brands and modular kitchen options, then decide what works best for you.
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Summary – Are SN Kitchens Any Good?

Short answer, yes. The benefits:

  • Better overall service
  • High-quality components
  • Totally customizable
  • Independent retailers who can use SN components rank higher for customer services and build quality.

But there are disadvantages:

  • Costs more than modular kitchen alternatives
  • So much choice makes decision-making tough
National retailers and trade only chains can offer cheaper options, but without the high-quality components and customisation.
We visited the SN Design Centre in June 2023 and were genuinely blown away. Bear in mind that we visit the best kitchen design shows in Milan, Germany, and the UK, so we aren’t easily impressed! But PWS did a fantastic job showcasing beautiful kitchen displays, so it was well worth a visit.
See the photos from our visit in the gallery, so you can better visualise our Second Nature kitchen review.


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