Kitchen Stori Review

If you have discovered the Kitchen Stori brand and want to learn more about the company and its products, you are in the right place. I have been working with this brand for many years and I will review Kitchen Stori products in more detail.

What is Kitchen Stori?

The Kitchen Stori brand was launched by Uform in 2007. Uform is a distributor of kitchen doors and accessories to the trade, mainly independent retailers and kitchen cabinet manufacturers.

Where are Kitchen Stori made?

Uform distributes Kitchen Stori doors and kitchen components throughout the UK and Ireland. The vast majority of Kitchen Stori kitchens are assembled in Great Britain by small and medium kitchen manufacturers. All stocked kitchen doors are produced in Italy, all made to measure doors are made in the Republic of Ireland. 

Are Kitchen Stori kitchens good quality?

The short answer is yes, Kitchen Stori doors are of high quality. Most Kitchen Stori kitchens are made in the UK using high quality British and European components, such as Egger panel boards, Blum soft close hinges and drawer boxes. Kitchen Stori is available through independent retailers who rank higher for customer service in many surveys.

Are Kitchen Stori kitchens expensive?

Kitchen Stori kitchens are available in 5 price ranges. It’s tailored to suit most tastes and budget.

See price categories here:

What are the disadvantages of Kitchen Stori products?

Although Kitchen Stori offers a wide range of high-quality products, it’s important to note that no kitchen is 100% immune from occasional defects. Similar to other companies in the industry, issues may arise during the manufacturing process or transportation.
Hairline cracks in the paint are to be expected, but if the crack is clearly visible from a distance, this may be regarded as a defect and will have to be replaced.
We did not experience any door delaminating issues with Kitchen Stori’s foil-wrapped doors. Paint finish defects are extremely rare, door size accuracy is good, but there have been instances of an occasional door size variation by 1-2mm. In general, the defects are rare and far between due to good quality control.

Zola Matt Graphite with painted Stone Island


Kitchen Stori is a great brand  and it has gained popularity for its high quality products and good customer service. Kitchen Stori ranges can be found in independent kitchen retail stores and as such, it combines local design expertise with a vast selection of Kitchen Stori compononets and made to measure products to provide the best solution for the consumer.



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