How to ensure a successful kitchen refurbishment

Kitchen installation in Maidstone

   If you are looking for the very best kitchens in Kent – we would always recommend starting with independent businesses. Small-scale retailers and fitters are far more likely to deliver consistently excellent customer service, as those who run their own business are motivated to offer the highest customer service and results.

lets take a look at our top tips to ensure a successful kitchen refurbishment.

1. Good design

At Kraus Kitchens, we offer an initial design consultation to get a sense of your tastes and demonstrate the options available to you, this involves a full assessment of your existing kitchen to understand your space and how you use it. We consider everything from countertops, stove and oven placement, to storage solutions, finishes and good lighting to ensure you are completely satisfied with the aesthetics and functionality.

Final check measures are also incredibly thorough – making sure your custom installation is a perfect fit. We even mark a new kitchen layout on your floor, to make sure the flow and design feels just right for you.

2. Quality components

Quality is at the heart of everything we do; from the construction of our kitchen cabinets to doors, hinges, drawer boxes, surfaces and appliances – attention is paid to every detail. Not only do our kitchens look beautiful, but they function perfectly as well – with all materials (such as melamine, Egger, Kronospan and Xyloclear cabinets paired with natural granite, hard-wearing quartz or acrylic worktops) engineered to last the lifetime of your kitchen.

3. Professional installation

At Kraus Kitchens, our team of experienced kitchen fitters use precision machinery in every installation, alongside their skills in carpentry and joinery built up over many years. With over 15 years of experience in the fitted kitchen industry, we have unparalleled knowledge of a wide range of British and European kitchen brands. Our kitchen fitters have grown and developed their skills alongside the company, acquiring the best practices and skills and taking pride in achieving the very best results.

From an individually-tailored design consultation, to the highest quality components and professional, experienced workmanship – we spend time getting to know our clients and our kitchens, to ensure the best possible end-result. Kraus Kitchens only ever use tested, reliable kitchen components that are made to the most exacting standards, in addition to trusted and respected.

As Kent’s local kitchen specialists – we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality, beautiful and bespoke kitchens. We are an independent company staffed by a close-knit team of exceptional and committed craftspeople, delivering exceptional kitchens time and time again.


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