6 Reasons why you should get a bespoke kitchen

What could be better than being able to design your own kitchen to suit your lifestyle and
needs? The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home so we know you would want to make
sure your kitchen is as perfect as can be! The best way to do this is to have a bespoke kitchen

What does bespoke actually mean and why should you consider a bespoke kitchen?

Bespoke essentially means that the design is unique to the client (you). The term allegedly
started with the tailors on Savile Row. A client would essentially dibs fabric and the tailor would
then make it into a unique piece of clothing. You can read more about the origins of bespoke
and what it actually means here.
Having a bespoke kitchen means that you won’t have a kitchen out of a brochure or catalogue,
it will be designed with your unique needs in mind.

Why you should consider a bespoke kitchen.

1. Completley customisable in size and shape

  • When we say everything is customisable, we mean everything. The size and
    shape of your kitchen will be expertly measured to make sure we exploit every
    centimeter of your kitchen. No space will go to waste. This is especially great if
    you have an irregular shaped kitchen e.g. a kitchen with an alcove, pillars/islands
    in the middle, oddly placed windows etc. Often modular (made to measure)
    kitchens cannot be made to fit around spaces like this and may leave gaps or just
    not fit right. You don’t have to worry about this with bespoke as the kitchen is
    designed with the space available in mind.

2. Customise Materials, finish and colours

  • You can pick basically anything to go in your kitchen. Wood, stone, marble,
    concrete, resin, stainless steel; the options are basically unlimited. You get to
    pick colour and finish. You want matte blue, steel countertops? Consider it done
    and a kitchen design to match.

3. Perfect ergonomic design

  • What would be the use of a bespoke kitchen if the countertops were at the
    standard height and you were still bending down? A huge benefit of a bespoke
    kitchen is that the countertops and cupboards can have their height customised.
    This is great for those of us who are a bit taller or shorter. No more climbing on
    the counters or hunching over while cooking.
  • Your kitchen will also be designed with your movements in mind. Your designer
    will make sure that there’s nothing ruining your flow when you’re in the kitchen.

4. Customised accessories

  • If you’re anything like me and got swept up in the Marie Kondo hype, then you’ll
    know the need for customised accessories. Kondo preaches that you should be
    able to organise your drawers and cupboards so that you can see everything in
    them. In a kitchen this is especially important to minimise food waste and make
    the most of your space. One of the best parts of a bespoke kitchen is that you
    can customise the accessories! Want a rotating spice rack in that awkwardly thin
    and small corner cupboard or a magnetic, child proof knife rack? It can all be
    yours, just ask your bespoke kitchen designer for your options.

5. Design your kitchen around statement pieces

  • If you have a specific style or are obsessed with vintage and antique furniture,
    you may have certain statement pieces that you want your kitchen to fit around.
    Getting a bespoke kitchen designed will not only mean that the style matches but also that these statement appliances can be installed properly and with ergonomics in mind.

6. It’s Completely unique

  • As we’ve established above, being truly bespoke means that your design will be
    completely unique to you. You can unleash your creativity with your designer and
    create your dream, unique kitchen, down to the smallest detail like where the
    plug sockets and light switches will go. You’ll have one to one contact with your
    designer who will make sure that your imagination becomes reality.
    For truly bespoke kitchens, contact Kraus Kitchens now to book your consultation!


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